Monday, February 13, 2012

So.......Hi.............It's been a while

Well. Hello, friends. It has been a while, hasn't it. Life has been difficult lately and blogging just went by the wayside. I have been missing the interaction and outlet though. So, I'm back. Sort of. I'm thinking about changing the format. I love the personal style element of my blog, but quite frankly I'm not getting dressed much right now. We are sort of homebound due to the fact that we have no income. So, no going out. Simple, yes? Also, boring. But, that's life. Currently lived in my warm and comfy sweater sweats (which you probably don't want to see). Anyway. The point of that lovely sob story is that I think I'll do a little more posting on my other loves - books, cooking, organizing and decorating on a dime (or a penny as the case may be.)

Here's where you weigh in. What kind of posts would you, my followers and readers like to see more of?

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