Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some Changes

So. I took a little blog break. For like a year. Or two. Oops. I can't even tell you how often I wanted  to post, but life just happened, you know. It does that. So we moved to Tennessee for a year and endured the worst ministry ever.

I got pregnant.

With twins. It was a bit of a shock. More on that later.

My toddler is now 7. What???

We moved back to Arkansas. Home sweet home.

I had the twins. Holy cow are they precious and awesome and so very much work. And also such a precious blessing.

So I am going to make an attempt at blogging again. Not real sure what that is going to look like. Probably a little different. Some baby posts. Well. Maybe a lot of baby posts. Because, hello, cute twins. 

How could I help myself. 

And a style post here and there. Although to be honest my style is somewhat lacking these days. I may even go back and do a few maternity posts just because. I managed an entire twin pregnancy with almost no maternity clothes. And of course we'll be keeping it cheap because that's how I roll. But the biggest difference will be other content. I want to share my heart. What I believe and why I believe it. I want to tell the whole world some of the incredible things God has done for me. Because, y'all. Seriously. There have been some cool things. So I look forward to seeing if anyone is still around. If you care to catch up before I get caught up on posts here, I am on instagram. You can find me at ccscheapchic.

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