Friday, October 21, 2011

FBFF: Halloween

top, skirt, boots: thrifted

This is actually from a back to school 'Cowboy Up' party back in August. But I thought you might enjoy seeing my Cowgirl look. ;)
1. Do you have plans for Halloween? The Wednesday night before Halloween we have our annual Fall Festival at church. I will be running around doing stuff the entire time so my costume has to be easy to move around in. Last year I wore black sweats with bunny ears. ;) This year I've decided to go the french girl route - stripe sweater, black pants & flats with a red beret. My outfit isn't nearly as important as the Munchkin's! He gets to be Bumblebee this year and is so excited he can't stand it. ;)

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration? Ummm....Nowhere. Informative I know, but I'm not a huge halloween person. The only reason I dress up is for the kiddo. ;)

3. What was the best costume you've ever donned?  Well, like I said we've never been much into to dressing up, so no really great costumes have been donned. I had an awesome pink princess dress that I thrifted back in high school and wore one year for fall festival with long white gloves and a tiara. I guess that was probably the best.
4. What's the most creative costume you've ever seen? I loved the series that Jessica from What I Wore did on costumes - The Hamburglar had to be my fave. So cute.
5. No holds barred, if you could dress up as anything, what would it be? I love the medieval lady costumes - not the cheapo walmart/target ones, but the real things that cost like $400. Of course, no jumping in bounce houses or hanging out on the floor while playing games with the Munchkin, so not really practical. Eh. Maybe someday.

On a personal note, so sorry for the long absence. I was sick for a while, got stung by a wasp on the back of my head (OUCH!), had a case of food poisoning, and life just generally sucked for a while. I do have some big news to report, but I'll get to that later. 


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