Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

jacket, jeans & bag: thrifted, tank: target, shoes: payless

Hello lovely ladies! Welcome to Thrifty Thursday.  Rather than showcasing my thrift store finds this week, I thought I would show off my new nude flats. I love the leg lengthening look of the nude heels, but heels are just not practical for me on a daily basis. So, when I found these at Payless I was really excited. They had been marked down to $12 which is still a little more than I like to pay, but reasonable enough that I was willing to go for it. Unfortunately the store I was at didn't have them in my size. However they happily called another store nearby and located a pair for me. Here's the great part. Payless gives you a coupon for $4 off that purchase when they don't have your size. So, I got them for $8. Works for me. When you are on a budget it pays to wait until things go on sale. Occasionally you can even luck into a further mark down. Payless has been doing a great job on shoes lately, so if you haven't checked them out recently, you should definitely do so.

A quick note: I haven't made the effort to link my clothes and shoes to their purchase sites because the vast majority of them were purchased at thrift stores or on final clearance. Most of them are pretty old. For instance in this outfit the only things still available are the shoes (in limited sizes and quantities and the necklace from Forever21. I've had the jeans for about 8 years, the tank top was final clearance from Target last summer, and the jacket and bag are thrifted. So, a question: do you, my readers; want me to link the few pieces that are still available to purchase online? Please let me know what you think?

Have a lovely evening!

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