Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Shopping

what I wore: cardi: target (old), top: thrifted(Loft), skirt: old navy, boots: payless (old)

Happy Thursday, lovelies! Today is my birthday. And while I don't really get all excited about it anymore, I did enjoy the chance to do a bit of shopping. I figured a girl ought to be able to wear her favorite color on her birthday, right?! So I wore a pink cardi and blouse with my green skirt, some cozy fleece lined tights (if you have not tried these things, you must, they are awesome) and my chocolate boots.

Now then, I started out at Cato and tried on four different fur vests (thank you, Bonnie) that were either out of the budget range or made me look like a top heavy bear. Not a nice look, I assure you. ;) There was a leopard print one that was sooooo soft and fit beautifully and if it goes on sale I will happily snap it up.

As to what I did try on. I started with a striped blazer. They only had an XL which was just too big. Even though I like oversized, especially with my skinny jeans, this was too big and not flattering. So, the search for a stripe blazer/cardi continues.

Every once in a while you run across something that isn't on the wish list but that is so fabulous and fits so seamlessly into your wardrobe that you have to take it home. Such was the case with this little lace jacket thing. It has a gorgeous peplum shape and is so pretty. I will happily wear it over every single dress I own in the spring and summer. And can't wait to put it over my basic long sleeve tees with jeans or skirts. You can be sure you will be seeing this in an outfit soon.

I found a pair of teal pants similar to my hot pink ones and for the same price, but the fit just wasn't the same. They are a little wider and shorter at the ankle and snugger in the thighs and hips. So I passed. A great deal isn't a great deal if it doesn't look good on you.

Next up is walmart. Now I am aware that Walmart isn't where most fashionistas shop. But they do have some cute stuff sometimes and I have always been pleased with the quality of the things I buy there. First up is the marled stripey cardigan. It is adorable (as is the kiddo who had to hug me while taking the picture) and has black and white and a bit of silver in the knit. Unfortunately the silver thread made it itchy. I can't deal with itchy. As much as I liked it, I know I won't wear it if it itches me. So I passed.

Then I found this striped hooded cardi. It is adorable and would have been perfect except that the sleeves were about 6 inches past my fingertips. Not kidding. I have them rolled twice in the picture and you can see the sleeves all bunched up around my elbows. I passed. One of these days I am going to find a striped jacket or cardi.

Then I tried on a pair of teal skinny jeans. They are wrangler and I like them, but have put on enough weight in the last month that I need a size up from what I would like, so I think I will wait until after January when I have lost the weight again.

And just for your viewing and shopping pleasure here are a few of the offerings probably available at your local Walmart. This skirt (very similar to the Target knit pencil skirts) for $14.44 in a cool grey animal print.

Also available in teal and fushia. Pretty.

And for those of y'all hunting for a mustard cardi (or a cobalt, or coral, or black, or beige, or white etc), check your walmart. They have a huge selection of cute cardis for around $15.

So at the end of the day I came home with the lace jacket thingy and a pair of burgundy tights for a grand total of $15 of my Payday Pretty money.

Any other ladies out there shop at Walmart? If you don't would you?

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