Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheap and Chic Decor: Houseplants

The pretty plant adds a nice touch to an otherwise bare space.

Until recently I have relied mainly on candles and such to make my house smell nice. However, with a small person (who is fascinated by fire as only a three year old can be) in residence, an open flame just doesn't seem like a wise idea. I also tried out the candle warmer thingie - also endlessly fascinating, and hot. So, no go on that one too. What is a mommy to do?

Well, I got a calla lily for Valentine's day which I love. And that sparked a hunt for more house plants including another calla lily, two small ivy plants, a baby ficus, a beautiful hibiscus and some other green leafy thing. And all of a sudden the air was fresher and I could smell the flowers every time I walked in the house. Perfect.

Now, about that second calla lily - it is a little odd. The blooms are beautiful and deep pink. Except for the newest bloom. It's white. Go figure. I am baffled and just a bit weirded out by this silly plant. Anyone know anything about this kind of thing?
my pretty calla lily

you see the crazy white bloom in there?!

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