Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally, A Striped Dress

dress: carto, flip flops: payless

adding cobalt accessories, a crazy kid and curious pup

I finally found a cute striped dress that I could love and wear. It seems like most of the ones I've tried on have either been too tight and sexy (totally not my style) or made out of such a thin fabric that a slip would have been necessary (and who wants to wear a slip when it's 104 outside?!). So, I kept searching until I finally found this little cutie. Love at first sight, y'all. It has pockets, a cute little tan belt (which I'll show off later) and is super comfy and easy. I wore it for a day of running errands and such. Then added some bright cobalt accessories for dinner out with the family.

On another note, my crazy kid has decided that anytime he is in front of a camera he must make silly faces. Go figure. I should also note that he picked out his own outfit and got dressed by himself. Needless to say I was too proud of him to make him change even though it isn't the most stylish of outfits. Eh. He's a boy. This outfit is much better than the red tee shirt he paired with green and black plaid shorts the other day. That one was too daunting for a public appearance. ;)

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mellow Yellow

tank: old navy, shorts: walmart, sandals: target

So the 'Trend of the Month' over at Marionberry Style is Yellow. And somehow even though I adore yellow, I just don't have that much of it. In fact, I think this top and one cardi are all I can claim. I may have to do something about that. Anywho, I wore this for a day of shopping and was quite comfy all day.

So Linking up with Marionberry Style, The Pleated Poppy, Transatlantic Blonde and Watch What I'm Wearing. Whew. Lots of partying going on today.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Comfy Casual in PInk and Black

tee: some youth event, shorts and flats: thrifted

I love this tee, it is super soft and comfy and these shorts are the prettiest shade of salmon pink ever. With some cute flats and rose gold jewelry I felt perfectly comfy for a casual day at home.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer White

top, skirt and necklace: thrifted, shoes: payless

One of my favorite summer trends is all white outfits. I just always feel so fresh and summery when wearing an all white outfit. For Sunday I added a colorful necklace and heels. And let me tell you, it was hot. Like 99 degrees hot. Yikes. It isn't even June yet. Whew.

Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday weekend. We celebrated my hubby's birthday, attended his great-aunt's 80th birthday party, preached (him) and sang (me) at two different churches, and then just crashed and slept on Monday. ;)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

FBFF: Spring Trends

Mint Green

Summer trend number one: Mint green. I have loved the color forever and am tickled to death to see it being so popular. I am currently hunting mint green shorts and sandals.

Summer trend number two: Color blocking. I really enjoyed the colorblocking trend last spring and am looking forward to continuing on this summer. Something about sunshine makes me want to drench myself in color. Just call me Rainbow Bright. :)

Bright Shorts
And finally, I am loving the trend towards colorful bottoms. What a refreshing change from neutrals and denim. I so want to wear everyone of these outfits.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lime and Chambray

top: cato, capris: thrifted, sandals: target

You can't tell from the pics but my pants are actually pale lime green. Oh, and they are supposed to be capris, but on my shrimpy self, they are more crops. And not necessarily the most flattering silhouette. Eh. Flattery schmattery. Who cares. They are comfy and a pretty color. Add a splash of coral and an easy top knot and I'm good to go. ;)

I will be linking up with All Things Chic for Fashion Friday. :)

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Crown Braid and a Big Stick

dress: rue 21, bag: thrifted, wedges: payless

crown braid
I was seriously glad I put my hair up on Sunday. The stage at church is crazy hot and I already was 'glowing' (Southern women don't sweat, we glow!) by the time I got up to sing on Sunday. I shudder to imagine the sogginess that would have resulted from my hair being down. ;) 

My darling Bug was fascinated by the really big stick he found in the yard while I was taking pics. He called it a 'tree'. The kid never fails to make my smile.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ruffles and Braids (well just one braid)

top, shorts and flats: thrifted

fishtail braid

awesome earrings and pretty blue nails

My entire outfit is thrifted. Except for my awesome new earrings from Charlotte Russe. Love them. Also love my new 'lapis of luxury' blue nail polish.

Y'all it is hot here. It is only May and the temps are already in the 90's. That does not bode well for the summer. Yikes. So, I am already pulling out the tank tops. Yep. It was that hot.

Linking up with Thrifters Anonymous today! Obviously. ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

LBD and Crazy Hair

dress: target, jacket and wedges: thrifted

weirdly wavy hair

Another cute and comfy spring dress. With a khaki jacket and comfy wedges, it was perfect for a day running around the city. It was hot. Like 94 degrees hot, so the jacket ended up staying in the car. :)

On another note, I am having a serious case of hair confusion. I have always had straight hair. Like glass straight, won't hold a curl, no body, no volume straight. I wore it really long until I got pregnant when I donated 12" for a super cute angled bob. I wore it pretty short for the first couple of years of my Bug's life and started growing it out last year. It is now very weird. The front and top are still straight as ever, but the back is wavy. What the.....?!!! So, I either have to straighten part of it or curl the other part. I'm sorry, but I am the ultimate wash and wear girl. I am seriously considering a perm just so it is all the same.

They tell you your body will change or your feet will grow, but no one ever mentioned that my hair texture would change when I had a kid. Geez. Anyone else experienced something similar?

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifting Thursday

One of the recent trends I am loving is colored pants and shorts. So on my most recent trip to Savers, I thought I'd see what I could find.

First find, a pair of mint capris: Cute but a bit too tight. I am still losing weight, but I have a rule about not buying anything unless it is perfect to wear now.

Next up a super cute pair of cobalt pants. Loved them except they are clearly from the last time cobalt was popular because the waist was about two inches under my bra. Yeah, not so comfy. Being petite and super short waisted kinda stinks sometimes.

Then a pair of aqua capris from old navy. Cute but so low waisted that my rear didn't stay covered when I bent over. I never was into the whole flashing the wide world my undies thing. Ick.

And finally a pair of pale sage shorts from Ralph Lauren. The color was perfect, but once again the waist was up under the girls.Yikes. How ever did I manage these waist lines in the eighties? Eek.

So in the end not one of these colorful cuties came home with me. Boo. There is a reason I opt for skirts and dresses more often than pants. I am a definite hourglass with bust and waist measurements about equal and a waist measurement about 12 inches smaller. Then I am super short waisted (average is 4" between the bottom rib and hipbone, mine is 1" ONE INCH). Oh, and I'm petite. 5'2 3/4" to be exact. Add extra poundage on to that frame and you have one very difficult to fit girl. Pants and shorts do not like me. Eh. That's life. Thankfully I like dresses and skirts better than pants anyway. ;)

What are your fit issues?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty Prints

dress: cato, sandals: target

love the flirty ruffled hem

odd paisley-ish sort of print and funny kid face
You may have noticed that I don't wear prints all that often. I just tend to prefer solids and the occasional stripe. But this dress seduced me to the dark side. It feels like wearing a nightgown - super silky and lightweight.  And the ruffly hem, just dreamy. It has been in the 90s here recently and this is perfect hot weather dressing. Light comfy dress and flat sandals. How easy can you get.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinky Nautical

top: cato, shorts: aeropostle, sandals: target


Tag! Mommy! You're IT!!

Sperry Topsiders found while thrifting today! Cool

When the theme for this month's Everybody, Everwear was announced as nautical I had a moment of panic. With the possible exception of striped tops, I don't have much in the way of nautical inspired fashion. Eh. Then I remember inspired doesn't have to mean costume. So, if I were out on a sail boat this might be what I would wear. Chambray top, pink striped shorts, and thrifted Sperry's ($6 y'all!). Of course I actually wore silver sandals, but hey, you get the picture right?

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Minty Fresh

dress: ???, heels: payless

So, mint is apparently the color for spring. I love mint. Adore it. It is just so fresh and feminine and springy. I was therefore tickled to death to pull out this mint floral dress that I haven't worn in several years. I think I bought it back in 2002 or so. I don't actually remember where, cause, you know, I've slept a couple of times since then. ;)

I am dying for the mint shorts that gap has in stock right now, but there is no way on this green earth that I am spending $50 on a pair of shorts. Yikes. I will just have to keep looking. Anyone seen any reasonable priced mint shorts anywhere? Maybe I can thrift a pair and dye them?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coral Crush

dress: target, cardi: cato, sandals: thrifted

You know, up until last year, I didn't care for the color coral. It was too close to orange which I loathe. But then all this coral fabulousness started happening in fashion last year and I was won over. As long as there is enough pink in the coral to keep it away from orange territory, I love it.

What about you, do you love coral?
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