Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V-Day Colors

blazer: kohls, blouse: walmart, skirt: target, flats: thrifted

burgundy tights & stripey flats
This is what I wore to our Valentine's Fellowship at church last week. We ate tons of lasagna and enjoyed watching a few of our couples play the 'Oldywed Game'. It was a total blast. I layered some burgundy and hot pink with a stretchy black pencil skirt (which is pulled all the way up under the girls so it isn't too long) and my go with everything striped flats. Add a topknot and dangly earrings and I felt both appropriate and festive. (My color seems to be off a bit, but I promise the tights and jacket are burgundy not brown. Bad Camera.)

Would you wear burgundy and hot pink together?


  1. Yes, I love this color pairing. Your shoes are super fun too. The Oldywed game sounds like so much fun. I always loved watching The Newlywed game. Heather

  2. I think those colors work well together - pink and burgundy. And I really love those flats!

  3. I like your shoes! BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway for HQCD. You could win a pair of pear drop earrings and your choice of handmade lip balm. Check it out!

  4. I normally don't like pink and red together put I think burgundy and this shade of pink totally work! Loving the top!

  5. You look cute!! The colors definitely work for V-day!

  6. I bet that game WAS FUN!

    Yep, I'm wearing those two together tomorrow!!!!!!!

  7. Burgundy and hot pink together? Absolutely! I love that vivid color on you, CC. Sounds like you guys had such a fun evening of romance and laughs. Thanks for all your encouraging words on the blog today, Lovely!!! ~Sarah

  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Love that jacket, it looks so soft!!!
    What a fun activity to do at church. I bet that was a blast!
    I've missed ya. I'm glad to be back. ;0)


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