Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Walmart

Happy Thursday, friends. I have had a number of comments lately on my Walmart clothing. So I though I would do a post and let you see for yourself some the offerings available at Walmart right now. You can order online and shipping is under $1 for apparel. Seriously. If you are on a tight clothing budget check out these fun options.

Skinny jeans in mint for $16.44.

Or if you are wanting to try out the floral denim trend, here's a pair for $15.88.

If you are looking for skirts, they have a chevron striped maxi skirt in several colors for $12.94

And a houndstooth knit pencil skirt for $12.88

I am stalking this striped dress. At $9.94 it is easily in my budget.

Here are a few my recent purchases.
This striped tunic. $9.94, y'all.

And this hot pink silky blouse for $13.94.

I have purchased plenty of clothing from Walmart over the years and have always found the quality to be good. Usually much better than places like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe.

So, tell me friends, would you shop for clothes at Walmart? Are you surprised by any of their offerings?


  1. i am definitely a fan of their clothes! I forget to look there but just bought two pairs of jeggings and love them!

  2. Our Walmart store has a horrible selection, but I have been pleasantly surprised by their online offerings. The floral and mint jeans are a steal! The black skirt I wore yesterday was White Stag from at least 7 years ago and it is great quality! Heather

  3. Those are some great choices. I have to admit, my Walmart isn't that nice, so I tend to shy away from it, but I really shouldn't, they do have some nice looking stuff!

  4. There are a lot of great choices there! I have been stalking the sites for a good pair of mint skinnies! I'm inspired to check out Walmart!

  5. Woah! Those mint pants are from walmart? Holy cow that is awesome!

  6. All super cute! My favorites are the dress and the minty jeans!
    I hate to admit it, but I don't shop on-line very much. I know the sales are awesome, but I like to try things on first. I will be checking the "big city" stores, however.

  7. wow, those are all adorable! I love the jeans! and the striped tunic! We don't have a walmart so I only go once in a while when I'm out of town!


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