Friday, March 1, 2013

New Boyfriends (jeans that is)

coat & flats: thrifted, blouse: target, jeans: cato

diy zebra earrings

favorite burgundy flats

Happy Friday! I finally found a replacement for my massively too big boyfriend jeans. I have been looking for months. Now, I have to tell you. The boyfriend jean silhouette looks best on hipless girls. I am not. I have hips. My original pair of boyfriend jeans looked great as long as you didn't notice that they were safety pinned on because the waist was about three inches too big. I can't even count how many pairs of jeans I have tried on in my search. I wanted a pair that were skinnyish - too baggy at the ankles just looks silly. I finally found these at Cato (where else). They are actually just skinny jeans a size up and they are perfect. The looser silhouette, the lighter color and distressed look are exactly what I was looking for. So I paired them with my silky black top and pink coat for a day spent dealing with tire issues. We have had to purchase six tires in the last week. SIX! Thankfully now both cars are drivable. (We haven't even been able to drive one for the last month until we could afford to replace all the tires. And then we had a belt snap or some such thing in the other one. Craziness) Anyway. Thankfully God provided as he always has. You would not believe how many times we have had money show up just when we needed it to be able to fix our cars. Truly God is good.

Hope y'all have the best weekend ever.


  1. Things always work out in the end, don't they? I always feel like just when I get ahead, something breaks or a new tires are needed. Glad you were able to get your new tires!

    I would love to have a pair of boyfriend jeans. I have no hips or booty, so maybe I could get away with them, ha ha! I love yours. We have a CATO so maybe I will go check them out. Heather

  2. those are so cute! i've been wanting a pair of boyfriends jeans forever!!

  3. CC you look great in the boyfriend jeans with the beautiful silky blouse.
    Have a nice weekend my dear!

  4. Ooh very cute jeans! I am thinking of getting a pair of boyfriend jeans for this spring, once I'm off the shopping ban anyway!

  5. Wow! I'm Ronda and Have a great weekend, too! I love the boyfriend jeans... I had a great delight today that my jean skirt came in the mail... The delightful part is that it was made from jeans. I love that it is recycled and now has a new life.

  6. God always provides! I agree about the boyfriend jeans, but I keep on wearing them with my hips and all! haha. I did the same thing with my distressed jeans- sized up so butt wasn't so tight, but legs still skinny. Love your new jeans!


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