Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weight Watching Wednesday: Update

Happy Wednesday, friends. As promised, here is my update on my two week boot camp. I lost about 10 pounds overall. Which was pretty good for two weeks especially considering I got sick, the kiddo got sick, the hubby got sick and the the kiddo got sick again. It was a rough couple of weeks. Unfortunately I have been pigging out and not exercising because of almost two weeks worth of Spring Break. However this week it is back to work with a more workable long term plan. Because as nice as it is to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, it really isn't a great way to do things.

My Exercise Plan going forward:
Cardio 3x per week using one of my many exercise dvds. I am easily bored. And each of these dvds has three to four different dance options of 10 - 15 minutes each allowing me to pick and choose what I feel up to each day.

I own the first two and really enjoy them. I will be looking to add the second two to my collection as I am able.

available here
available here
available here
available here

I really don't like exercising, but do enjoy dancing so these are right up my alley and I do enjoy them.

I will be continuing with the morning yoga and evening stretches as they were really helping keep the stiffness and soreness at bay.

And as we all know cardio isn't enough, we have to build muscles too. So. I am leaning toward trying out the ballet bootcamp exercises.

And that's it for now.

Do you enjoy exercising? What kind?


  1. I am a big fan of cardio, especially the elliptical. I hate to dance, haha! I am so coordinated in my hands, since I play piano, that the rest of my body gets lost and confused. I am adding 3 sessions of strength training. That's been tough to figure out but I'm muddling my way through various ideas. Esther Norine Designs (blogger has eaten my email address so many times, that I have given up on fixing it)

  2. I actually enjoy working out, it's just the motivation that's hard to get! I've been doing a bootcamp for the last 8 weeks and loving it. I really like cardio more than anything else, I'm such a weakling when it comes to arm workouts...

  3. Holy moly, girl! Ten pounds is awesome. It's so important to find stuff that you love to do for your workouts. I've gotten back into yoga lately and it doesn't even feel like a workout because I don't dread it. Ha! Those dancing videos look like a lot of fun.


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