Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Budget Recap

Here's what I bought in Feburary.

A sparkly necklace from Cato. $11.99.

Another furry vest for $4.99 from Cato.

Replacement boyfriend jeans $10.99 on clearance - also from Cato.

Striped tunic from Walmart. $9.98

Hot pink silky blouse from Walmart. $13.94

A Grey Metallic stretchy pencil skirt (yep from Cato) $12

And finally a new spring purse - bright pink on clearance for $7 (from Cato of course)

And that gives me a total of $71 spent in February.

Budget    $80 ($20 a week)
Spent      $71
Under by $9.


  1. You got some nice things! We have a CATO and I always forget about it. They do have really cute things for a great price. I really like your necklace and pink silk top! Heather

  2. I need to hit up Wal-Mart for that striped top!!!!

  3. you did awesome! that Cato sounds like my Target!!

  4. Wow these are all so cute! We don't have a CATO near us, but I wish we did!

  5. Cute stuff!!! You did great -- saved a lot!

  6. i want that store Cato! you found so many great things like those boyfriend jeans!

  7. Love that pink blouse, the fur vest and that lovely statement necklace! You did amazing on staying in your budget! I need to work on that lol

  8. Loved the furry vest. Great blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing it.


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