Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Super Comfy Casual

jacket: cato, blouse: thrifted, jeggings: walmart, flats: target

Y'all I am not wearing this today. I am however probably wearing something very similar. A giant shirt and leggings is sort of my go to comfy outfit for days when I am not leaving the house much. I threw on the jacket and flats to go pick my kiddo up from preschool. But truthfully they came right back off as soon as I got home. I change into super comfy cushy slippers as soon as I walk in the door. Anyone else out there do that or am I the only one?

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Blog update: I have been having trouble with Disqus recently, so I removed it! Please let me know if you prefer it or are okay with Blogger's system? Anyone else had issues with Disqus? I really liked it at the beginning, but it has been driving me nuts recently. ;)


  1. As soon as I get home the slippers go on too. Love your mint green blouse and your striped blazer! Heather

  2. Yep, I put the slippers on as soon as I get home too!

    I love your mint blouse!!

    And I had Disqus once too, but removed it because a couple of my favorite bloggers couldn't comment on my blog.

  3. What a cute outfit! Your mint blouse is so on-trend and so are those great faux snakeskin flats. I'm a slippers fan too. Either those or my Uggs are what I always wear around the house.

  4. that jacket is so cute! and i love the color of that top!

  5. That jacket looks comfortable while still being polished. Nice work!

  6. You're wearing two of my favorites today- chambray and black & white stripes! I love this look :)

    <3 danielle

  7. I have that same jacket! I love how you paired it with the mint!


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