Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black and White

entire outfit: walmart (yikes!)

diy polka dot flats

So, apparently black and white is a 'big trend' for spring. Who knew. I have to admit I very rarely wear black and white without a pop of color somewhere, but this outfit seemed fine without any extras. I think it is the mix of polka dots and stripes. ;)

What do you think? Do you like just black and white or do you prefer adding colorful accents?

If I get around to it, I will be linking up with Marionberry Style for Trend of the Month!


  1. It's really hard not to add a pop of color to b&w outfits, but I love this look. The stripes and polka dots are so cute together. Your Walmart is way better than ours. Ours is horrible! Heather

  2. I like black and white, but I do love to throw just a tiny bit of color in there every now and then! I love the combo of polka dots and stripes!

  3. Hello CC,
    I like black and white but even more I like the pattern mix with polka dots and stripes. Cute outfit!

  4. The pattern mixing definitely makes black and white feel more special. I'm with Heather, it's so hard not to throw in a little bit of bright color. But you've proven that it can be pulled off!

  5. How do you manage to find cute things at WalMart? Other than you mentioned those shoes were a DIY :) they're darling. Love the mix of stripes and dots too!

  6. I like the black-and-white... good going on restraining the urge to add a color. I can sometimes ruin the crisp effect of B&W!


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