Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work it Wednesday: Blazers

So I though I would bring back a feature I did way back in my early blogging days. Work it Wednesday is when I take one item or style and show three ways to wear it. Hope y'all enjoy!

This week I'll be working blazers. I have a huge blazer collection from my working days. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear them.

Belted over a dress! (Especially with a puppy audience and drinking kiddo.) Pretty much any blazer and any dress will work for this look. Try a fitted blazer with a flowy maxi dress and pretty belt.

2. With a tee and skinny jeans. (I think this is from my second outfit post - ancient.) This is a very lady like jacket but it pairs perfectly with jeans for date night. As much as I love a good cardi, don't discount your blazers for casual wear too!

 3. And of course, the obvious - with a pencil skirt and boots. I love the mix of textures in this look - the velvet blazer, tweed pencil skirt, knit tee and suede boots. Even if you don't have to dress in suits for work, a blazer and pencil skirt is always appropriate. If you feel too dressed up, add a fun scarf, flats or colorful tights.

Do you wear blazers? What is your favorite way to style them?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yes, blazers are one of my favorite items in my closet to style. They can make you instantly feel polished. Look how long and wavy your hair is in that last photo! Heather

  2. Those are all great ways to style a blazer! I love wearing blazers, I mostly pair them with a skirt or pants for work, but every now and then I dress up some jeans like you did in your second picture!

  3. I like that belted look. Very flattering on you, and your puppy-kid entourage agrees!

  4. These blazers look great on you - you look so polished and chic! I especially love the belted version. I don't wear them often, but probably should.

  5. Blazers make every outfit feel special. You look very sophisticated in yours. I only own one blazer. I know bad fashion blogger. :( My goal is to add a few more to the collection this spring.

  6. I have a few and I NEVER wear them! You may have inspired me to try styling one for work though!


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