Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking all the Rules!

tee: target, skirt: gadzooks, sandals: icing or claires

the cutest teal sandals ever!
I am petite. I like to call myself five three, but I am actually only five two and three quarters. Of course, I know all the rules for dressing petite body, especially a curvy one. Bleh. You know what, I broke them all today. My midi length skirt is way too long and my sandals cut me off. But, hey. I like this outfit. This skirt is the prettiest shade of pale mint green and I loved it with the hot pink and these teal sandals are awesome. They may not be the most flattering ones I own, but I absolutely adore the color and the straps. I wore them to death last summer. You should get used to them, you will be seeing a lot of them.

So, we are still a bit under water around here. School was closed today because the buses couldn't run. I can't get to Wal-mart! Aack! At least the sun is shining.

Stay dry, ya'll!

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  1. you're right--that skirt IS the prettiest shade of mint green. and the bluish sandals are absolutely unexpected and definitely awesome. i love them!! thanks for linking up.


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