Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

tee & shoes: target, pants: thrifted

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We spent time with the family, played outside, ate way too much food and generally enjoyed ourselves. I had grand plans for taking pics of all my outfits this weekend and then we forgot the camera. Oops. Anyway, this is what I wore to take the Munchkin to the zoo last week. The tee was on clearance at Target for about $4 - I got two of them, this one and one in navy and white. I love the detailing on the sleeves. The shoes are my other pair of little girls shoes. They are crazy comfy. Oddly enough they are kind of loose now that I've lost weight. Apparently my feet have gotten skinnier. Weird, huh? Oh, and the pants are thrifted - they are lightweight linen with a drawstring, just perfect for spring and summer.

We are getting ready for the Munchkin's three year birthday party this weekend. Lots of stuff to do next week. The next week our niece will be in town and then the hubby will be leaving town for work for two weeks! Yikes. That is just the beginning of our crazy, insanely busy summer.

Got any great cars themed birthday party ideas?


  1. Those shoes are a great color! And I adore the stripes of your shirt, of course. (: My second cousin is about to have a Cars themed birthday. They went all out from the cake to the party favors. Hopefully your busy summer is also great!

  2. I love that outfit with the pops of turquoise! It's so pretty!

    My friend is doing a car and truck party for her 3-year old soon and she's doing all kinds of fun stuff. At the drink table, she's putting up a sign that says Gas Up. And she's doing a water play area, with bubbles called "Car Wash". Hmmm... I know there were others, but I can't remember what they were!

  3. You are getting in such great shape! Congratulations on your hard work, you look amazing!

  4. What amazing shoes!! They are lovely for spring, for sure.


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