Monday, May 9, 2011

One Day - Three Pairs of Shoes

red shoes & sneakers: payless, mint wedges: target
 Flats for running errands, wedges for going to dinner, sneakers for working out.

tee: some youth event, skirt: thrifted

"Don't kiss me, mommy!"

I felt awesome in this outfit today. Especially after looking at the pics. My hard work has been paying off and my legs are looking better than they have in years. Woohoo! The tee shirt was my hubby's and it shrunk so I stole it. It is ridiculously soft and comfy. I rarely wear t-shirts, but I thought this outfit with the cutoff mini and flats was the perfect outfit for running errands. Then my Beloved and the Munchkin took me to dinner to celebrate mother's day. When he got home from work the beloved asked me if we were dressing up for dinner. My response was, "No, I'm just going to throw on some wedges and I'll be ready to go". Ya'll, he gave me the blankest look, like I was speaking greek (well, not greek, he studied greek, but maybe chinese?). It totally cracked me up. Obviously, the beloved isn't really into the whole fashion thing. :)

Isn't the Munchkin adorable in today's pic?! He wanted me to kiss him, but apparently 10 seconds worth of a kiss is way too long for an almost three year old boy. (The length of the timer on my camera.) And yes, the legos do indeed live in my living room. :) If you come to my house, you will know the minute you step foot in the door that we have a toddler in residence. You wouldn't believe how many toys I crop out of these little bloggy pics of mine. On another totally random note, the Munchy-bear is about 99% potty trained! We are celebrating around here. Yay for us!

Happy Monday, ya'll!

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