Thursday, May 5, 2011

Leopards and Maxis

both tops: target, capris:swapped, shoes: thrifted

This is actually what I wore Sunday night. It was freezing and raining! Yes, my ankles were cold, but that was better than having soggy hems. I hate soggy hems. If my pants are not capris, my hems get soggy cause I'm kinda a shrimp. Anyway. I love the burgundy and yellow together and of course my super fab safari necklace and wedges are the awesomest accessories ever. Yep.

I went shopping today. I bought some really exciting stuff like exercise shorts and hand soap. I also peeked into Forever 21 and they had their maxi dresses on sale. Ten bucks people. I got this fabulous minty green one. It is absolutely delish. However, I will have to get a little diy on it's bad self cause it is too long. Apparently if you wear a medium, you are like fourteen feet tall. Not me. Nope. Anyway, I can't wait to wear it, hopefully on Sunday. It is soooo soft. I also found a super cute leopard belt. It too is awesome, just not nearly as awesome as the dress.

That's all for today folks! Night ya'll!

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  1. Awesome find on that maxi dress! I have the same problem with maxis unless I wear super tall shoes with them... We don't have a F21 where I live, but I'll be in New Orleans this weekend and I'm definitely going to check out that sale!


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