Monday, May 23, 2011

Missing in Monochromatic

top: Target, dress: Forever21, sandals: Icing

Hi! It has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry 'bout that. My computer died! Eeek. Seriously not cool, you know? Anyway, I've been missing reading all your awesome blogs and can't wait to get caught back up. Also, my camera is full and I can't move the pics because the 'puter (as my Munchkin calls it) is dead. (I'm stealing the hubby's work computer to do this quick post.) Anyway I've been wearing cute outfits and have done a jewelry re-make and there are no pics! How quickly this blogging thing becomes the norm. ;) 'Cause you know it's a little ridiculous that I'm upset that I can't take pics of my outfits right now. I'm annoyed and I feel silly for being annoyed. Silliness abounds.

So, this is actually what I wore Mother's Day evening. I was feeling very monochromatic after so many bright colors, so I kept everything in the teal/mint family. And I tried stacking my bracelets with my watch for the first time. My watch is huge and it plus the bracelets made that arm feel very weighty. Not sure I'll do it again - at least not with this particular watch.

Hope ya'll are having an awesome week now that we've avoided the end of the world. ;) We are crazily, ridiculously busy around here. Do you have any amazing plans for the coming holiday weekend?

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