Friday, April 8, 2011

FBFF - Top 5 Spring Trends

This is my first FBFF and I am so thrilled by the subject. Actually, the whole month looks awesome. Thank you to Katy over at Modly Chic for such an awesome idea and for coming up with great questions. Very cool.

So, the top five spring trends that I am looking forward to wearing this season are:

1. All white. I love the clean, classic look of an all white outfit. I can't wait to wear my lacy top with skinny jeans, my boyfriend jacket with shorts, my classic 50's style halter sundress. And hopefully, when I find one I love, a maxi skirt. The only thing I won't be wearing white this year is shoes. Because I'm not too crazy about white shoes. Unless they are my workout shoes. Stay tuned to see how I style the above looks - with nudes and brights and pastels and maybe even a little black.

2. Seventies-style high-waisted flares. I love how this style lengthens the legs. Very important when you're a shrimp. I haven't found a pair I love and will probably wait until I get closer to my goal weight since the fit really needs to be snug at the top. I'll wear them with tank tops and belts and statement necklaces and giant wedges. And a ponytail, not 70's hair.

3. Color Blocking. I am loving bright color combinations. Turquoise and purple, yellow and red, yellow and purple, navy and green, turquoise and yellow. Due to my budget, I probably won't be buying anything color blocked, but I will definitely be pairing up the brights I already own.

4. Maxi Skirts and Dresses. I just found several great options at my local thrift store and have already worn them a couple of times. There is something so elegant about the feeling of a skirt swishing around your ankles. Love.

5. The Jean Jacket. My jean jacket from years ago was in the donate pile and I just recently pulled it back out. I love the look with everything from maxi skirts to mini skirts, short, pants, and skirts. The only I won't be wearing it with is more denim. It may be 'in', but I still don't love the denim on denim trend. It just isn't for me.

So there they are, my top five for spring. I just love the change in seasons and getting to change out your wardrobe. I am so ready for bare legs and arms and pretty spring colors and lighter fabrics. Of course by the time October rolls around I'll be ready for my boots and sweaters again. :)

Have a great day!


  1. I shared two of the five with you-wide leg pants, and color blocking. I am not sure I can carry off the all-white trend, although I think I might try it just once. And maxis and jean jackets? Timeless, just timeless.

    Welcome to your first FBFF!!

  2. I'm loving color blocking & Maxi dresses, now I need them in the same dress :)

  3. Ok, when I see all white in magazines and such, I think it looks amazing. But when I try to do it, the whites are never the same color and I'm not sure if its supposed to be the same textures or different...I need an all-white lesson!!

  4. Stay tuned! I'll definitely be doing all white! A monochromatic look is always best with differing textures.


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