Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Serious Frivolity

tee: Target (I think), shorts: Rue 21, shoes: thrifted, necklace: Icing
crazy flower necklace
Love these thrifted shoes! I will be wearing them with everything this spring.
As usual, Munchkin had to join the fun. :)
I love this outfit, shamelessly inspired by some Dillards ad in a magazine from a last year. I also love the long sleeve tee with the shorts and these are the best spring shoes ever in the whole entire world. Tiny wedge, nude color, peep-toe. Awesomeness on the foot for $4, thank you very much. I bought the necklace to wear with my Easter dress last year. I love it but don't wear it very often because it is a little over the top.

So, I got my first follower yesterday which was really cool. I didin't really expect to be followed by anyone to be honest. I only recently discovered the Blog-world and just thought it looked like fun. Truthfully, I feel like my little blog is vastly inferior to most of the blogs that I enjoy, but since I've never been one to be bothered by what other people think, I am having a blast.

I am also sure that if I publicized Cheap Chic on facebook, my friends and family would all follow because they love me. I haven't publicized because, to be brutally honest, in my world it would be considered frivolous and trivial. Believe it or not, I agree. Shocking, I know; but in the grand scheme of life, taking pictures and talking about clothes and style everyday is pretty frivolous. But you know what, so is a peacock (plenty of birds can find mates without that insane tail) and what is sillier than a platypus. Creation is full of beauty, ridiculousness (it may be necessary but a giraffe's neck is pretty absurd) and wonder (the whole getting pregnant, having a baby thing is pretty freaking awesome and wondrous if you ask me). If God can fill His creation with fun and frivolity and decorate His world in such an incredible way, then I think I can safely enjoy decorating myself. Even if I do feel a little silly from time to time. Maybe I look ridiculous, but I am having fun. At least where I am concerned, that is the point of the whole operation.

So, this serious-minded girl is grateful for the fun and inspiration and most importantly smiles that the Blog world has brought me. A little frivolity is good for the soul.

Night Ya'll


  1. I love being your first follower! You should have ended your post with "Night, Erin!" Teehee. Anywho, I really love today's outfit. Very chic shapes, and that statement necklace is definitely NOT too over the top when paired with the simplicity of the shorts and teeshirt. Well done!

  2. Hey, just wanted to come over and say thanks for visiting/following my blog! I know what you mean about being new at blogging and not telling anyone and being like, "Woohoo, a follower!" Very few people in my "real" life know about my blog, for exactly the reason you described - I'm afraid they'll think, "Well, who does she think she is? Vain." But I just do it for fun and as a creative outlet, like you.


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