Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink goes on Safari

dress: Gap, shoes: Payless
Safari necklace from Kenya
Evening outfit, added a jacket later
tee: Target, jacket, pants, shoes: thrifted

So, here is what I wore today. The pink dress was purchased at the Gap on clearance for $9 while I was pregnant. It isn't actually a maternity dress, but as you can see there is plenty of room in there for a baby bump. I love the color (my favorite in the whole wide world) and the fabric is the airiest cotton silk blend. Because of it's insane girliness I thought the safari necklace was a perfect counterpoint.

The evening outfit is shamelessly inspired by one of last years Banana Republic spring looks. Lots of pink and khaki and of course my awesome necklace and cute wedges. I felt feminine and pretty and got a million compliments on the necklace through the course of the day.

That's all for tonight, folks. I have plans for some jewelry making posts, but not tonight. The kiddo has given me his virus and I am feeling pretty icky at the moment. I need my bed and a really good cough syrup.

Night ya'll!

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  1. ! totally cool! Our necklaces are almost the same! I figured it was from Africa or somewhere like that. =D


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