Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everybody Everywear - Green Chiffon to the Maxi

tank: walmart, skirt & belt: thrifted, shoes: ross
diy necklace & bare feet make me happy

Here is my maxi look. I wore it for about 15 minutes today. Sorry, but I am sick and miserable and feeling pretty icky - you'll note no make-up, unfixed hair, and weird zombie face. Anyway this is the debut of my new necklace which I love even more now that I've styled it. This was my first ever pair of stilettos - aren't they fab. I think I've had them for 8 or 9 years now. They are NOT comfortable, so they don't get much wear anymore.
Well, that's all for today, folks. I am going back to bed. Stay tuned for more Jewelry Making 101, Weight loss cheap and chic style, and a magazine review. Hope ya'll have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment; I love the ribbons too!!

    I can't believe I missed the EBEW challenge! It must be because I can't find a maxi that is quite long enough for me. This one looks great though!! :)

  2. Thank you! They are usually too long for me - I'm a bit of a shrimp at 5'3". Skirts work better than dresses somehow.

  3. Such a pretty colored skirt!!

    Monique xx


  4. Thanks. I love the color too. It reminds of a the goddess gown Jessica Alba wore several years ago.

  5. my fave color and princessy (is that a word? lol)...loooving it!! I want something chiffon and pretty now :)

  6. Glad you like. Thanks for following! :)


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