Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

shirt & pants: thrifted, shoes: payless

This week I am grateful for:
~ my son - he is adorable and amazing and helpful and friendly. While he certainly isn't perfect (bedtime around here is no picnic right now) he has such a sweet heart and loving spirit. He got hit at Chick-fil-A this week (boo hiss). When I asked him if he hit the other boy back, he said, "No, mommy, that would be mean." While he was still crying. Because he isn't in daycare, this isn't really something we've had to deal with yet. I certainly have no desire for my child to be a pushover. I want him to have the strength to be himself and do the right thing. He was really upset about being hit, and we have had the same trouble with a boy at church pushing him. I don't ever want him to respond in kind and am very proud that he doesn't. (I have heard this from other adults, I'm not just taking his word for it. He is only two. :) The trouble is helping him deal with it afterward. It takes him a while to let it go and move on. I think this is because he doesn't really understand what is going on and why. How do you help your little ones deal with toddler bullying?
~ my baby brother - he'll always be my baby bro even though he is all grown up and married. He's also a foot taller than I am. The stinker. Anyway - he and his wife have been foster parents for almost a year now and I am so proud of them.
~ my still standing house! We have had to duck and cover a lot the past two weeks, but thankfully have been missed by the worst of the storms. My prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and homes. This has been a devastating storm season and I am grateful for the continued safety of my family and friends.
~ thrift stores - I've scored a few great buys in the last couple of weeks that I am really excited about.
~ bubbles!
~ my beloved who is awesome.
~ big boy pants and a mostly potty trained Munchkin!

Hope ya'll have had an amazing and blessed week!

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