Monday, April 18, 2011

Magazine Review: People Stylewatch May 2011

tee and shoes: thrifted, jeans: walmart
Hot pink = the happiest color ever!
I'll be re-working this necklace soon - not crazy about the dangly chain thingies
Today's outfit for running errands. The jeans are not white, but super pale blue and really soft and comfy. I added the hot pink top and turquoise jewelry because I am loving the bright colors right now. And of course my fave new shoes. You will be seeing a lot of these babies cause they go with everything. Seriously. And they're comfy. As you can see, today was a bad hair day. Really bad. At least my shirt was bright enough, that maybe no one noticed. (a girl can dream, right?) So, enough about my clothes. On to more interesting things.

Magazine Review

If you have never perused Stylewatch, it is a pretty basic style mag. There are repeats of what you'll find in Lucky or In Style. There is plenty of good stuff. It is definitely worth the cover price. It is one of three mags I have subscriptions for. The other two are Lucky and In Style.

This month's cover girl is one of my favorite stars and a personal style icon. Reese Witherspoon. I love her classic, modest, feminine style. Lots of skirts and flats. Always nice to see that I am not the only not tottering around on five inch platforms. (Not that there is anything wrong with this - I would love to but they hurt my feet too badly. :( ) I also love her hair. I would love to go that blonde, but am not yet brave enough. Maybe someday.

Something new I would like to try: salmon colored jeans as worn by Cameron Diaz. I don't generally go for colored pants, but these just scream spring and would go with a ton of stuff I own. Both the Rag and Bone and American Apparel versions listed are way out of my price range, but Fashion Momma inspired me to try to diy my own pair. Now I just have to find a pair of pants to dye.

Also to try: diy tooth whitener - mix baking soda and peroxide and brush teeth. Hmmmm. Not so tasty, have to see if it works.

Trends to try: I would love to try the giant cat's eye sunnies that are cool at the moment. This gal wears real glasses and so sunnies have to be prescription. This could be difficult. We'll see.

Apparently 'regular' ice cubes are 'out'. Really. Huh. That's interesting. Good thing I'm not one to be overly bothered by what is in or out cause I like my regular ice cubes. They make my tea cold. That's really all I need them for. Just keeping my drink cold. So the regular ones are cool enough for me. (eye roll at the ridiculous pun)

One of my fave features of this mag is the new quickie workout featured every month. Usually a five to ten minute something or other. I like keeping things fresh. I tear them out and stick them together in a notebook. Then I have options when I have a free 15 minutes or so.

Hope you've enjoyed my little review.
Night ya'll!

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  1. I love the poses, you're too cute! I completely agree on the happiness of hot pink, it's just such a fun color!


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