Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stripes and Elbows

Top: thrifted, jeans: Charlotte Russe, shoes: payless

So, this is actually what I wore yesterday to take Munchkin to the doctor and go to the grocery store. It was like 72 degrees and rainy when we left the house and 46 when we got home. Ick. The jeans and cute flats were traded in for sweater pants (the softest, warmest, comfiest things ever), and fluffy slippers 'cause I was freezin'.

I love these jeans. I got them from Charlotte Russe during one of their 2 for $20 things. Anyway, they are seriously cute, but a little big. They are boyfriend style jeans and are therefore supposed to be loose but the ankles being huge just looks silly to me. So, I tight roll them. Crazy huh? I don't think I've tight rolled anything since, I don't know, 1993? Then the whole seventies resurgence grunge thing hit. To be honest I wasn't totally on board with it then, because after spending most of my life with my pants touching my ankles, all that air down there was unpleasant for me. Weird huh. Then when skinny jeans came back in a couple years ago, I was like, Seriously? Obviously got back on board with that one, but it took me a while. For all my love of fashion, I am not the person who jumps on every trend the minute it comes out. It takes me a while to get used to it and decide I want to take it home and put it on my body. I know I'm weird and I accept my weirdness. Why be like everyone else?

Don't you love the Munchkin showing you his elbow in the above pic. He's such a ham. I tried a different pose later and hated it, but the pic was too adorable to not show you at least part. Here we are, my Munchkin and I. Aren't we cute? ;)

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