Tuesday, April 26, 2011


tee & belt: walmart, pants: charlotte russe, keds: ancient


So, apparently I felt like teenage rebel from the 50's today. Of course, I really needed red heels and floofy hair to complete the look. What can I say, I never did rebellion very well. Eh. I did like my hot pink belt and my zebra earings. The pink keds were for comfort and the ridiculously perky ponytail was due to unwashed hair. Ick, I know. Sorry.

That's really all I've got for today, folks. Stunning post, huh? Oh well. Tomorrow, I'll be doing the next Jewelry 101 post, so come back for that. :)

Duck and cover, ya'll! (We're under a tornado warning right now! :))

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  1. I('m glad you ditched the heels and stayed with the Keds tennies. These look so great on you, hope you break them out a bunch this summer and you should grab a couple more pairs. They are the best little sneaker going! Yea love the outfits!


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