Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifting Thursday

One of the recent trends I am loving is colored pants and shorts. So on my most recent trip to Savers, I thought I'd see what I could find.

First find, a pair of mint capris: Cute but a bit too tight. I am still losing weight, but I have a rule about not buying anything unless it is perfect to wear now.

Next up a super cute pair of cobalt pants. Loved them except they are clearly from the last time cobalt was popular because the waist was about two inches under my bra. Yeah, not so comfy. Being petite and super short waisted kinda stinks sometimes.

Then a pair of aqua capris from old navy. Cute but so low waisted that my rear didn't stay covered when I bent over. I never was into the whole flashing the wide world my undies thing. Ick.

And finally a pair of pale sage shorts from Ralph Lauren. The color was perfect, but once again the waist was up under the girls.Yikes. How ever did I manage these waist lines in the eighties? Eek.

So in the end not one of these colorful cuties came home with me. Boo. There is a reason I opt for skirts and dresses more often than pants. I am a definite hourglass with bust and waist measurements about equal and a waist measurement about 12 inches smaller. Then I am super short waisted (average is 4" between the bottom rib and hipbone, mine is 1" ONE INCH). Oh, and I'm petite. 5'2 3/4" to be exact. Add extra poundage on to that frame and you have one very difficult to fit girl. Pants and shorts do not like me. Eh. That's life. Thankfully I like dresses and skirts better than pants anyway. ;)

What are your fit issues?

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