Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally, A Striped Dress

dress: carto, flip flops: payless

adding cobalt accessories, a crazy kid and curious pup

I finally found a cute striped dress that I could love and wear. It seems like most of the ones I've tried on have either been too tight and sexy (totally not my style) or made out of such a thin fabric that a slip would have been necessary (and who wants to wear a slip when it's 104 outside?!). So, I kept searching until I finally found this little cutie. Love at first sight, y'all. It has pockets, a cute little tan belt (which I'll show off later) and is super comfy and easy. I wore it for a day of running errands and such. Then added some bright cobalt accessories for dinner out with the family.

On another note, my crazy kid has decided that anytime he is in front of a camera he must make silly faces. Go figure. I should also note that he picked out his own outfit and got dressed by himself. Needless to say I was too proud of him to make him change even though it isn't the most stylish of outfits. Eh. He's a boy. This outfit is much better than the red tee shirt he paired with green and black plaid shorts the other day. That one was too daunting for a public appearance. ;)

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