Monday, May 21, 2012

LBD and Crazy Hair

dress: target, jacket and wedges: thrifted

weirdly wavy hair

Another cute and comfy spring dress. With a khaki jacket and comfy wedges, it was perfect for a day running around the city. It was hot. Like 94 degrees hot, so the jacket ended up staying in the car. :)

On another note, I am having a serious case of hair confusion. I have always had straight hair. Like glass straight, won't hold a curl, no body, no volume straight. I wore it really long until I got pregnant when I donated 12" for a super cute angled bob. I wore it pretty short for the first couple of years of my Bug's life and started growing it out last year. It is now very weird. The front and top are still straight as ever, but the back is wavy. What the.....?!!! So, I either have to straighten part of it or curl the other part. I'm sorry, but I am the ultimate wash and wear girl. I am seriously considering a perm just so it is all the same.

They tell you your body will change or your feet will grow, but no one ever mentioned that my hair texture would change when I had a kid. Geez. Anyone else experienced something similar?

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