Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freeeeezing Cold

sweater & jeans: cato, boots: thrifted

Happy New Year! Ummmm.... When did that happen?! Yikes. Hope you enjoyed your celebrations or snuggle time last night - whichever floats your boat. We stopped celebrating New Years Eve ages ago. Staying up until midnight is the norm for us - we are kind of night owls around our house. We rang in the new year while killing zombies online with friends and family. Lots of fun! ;)

I wore this the day after Christmas for some sale shopping. It was freaking cold, y'all! We had a 'blizzard' hit us and got several inches of snow Christmas night. Then we had temperatures in the 30's the next day. Y'all I think 40 degrees is frigidly cold so temps in the mid 30's don't make me happy. I am wearing two pairs of very thick, fuzzy socks and a tee under my fuzzy sweater along with my hat. I donned a scarf and gloves with my giantly cozy winter coat and put the hood up over my hat and still froze. My Southern blood didn't know what to do with all that cold. ;) I have decided that I need some waterproof snow boots for keeping my tootsies warm during winter storms. (Not that we have a lot of them, but I like to be prepared.) Even with boots and multiple socks, my toes froze. I would so not survive living up North. For those of my friends who live up there in Michigan and such, you have my everlasting respect (and sympathy) cause I don't know how you do it. :)

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