Friday, January 4, 2013

Musing on the the Weather (fascinating, I know)

cardi: ???, tee: target, scarf: diy, leggings: walmart, boots: thrifted

Happy Friday, friends. I am so sorry, but we do indeed still have our tree up. Oops. The plan is to take it down today, but there will still be several outfit posts including the tree, so try to ignore it back there, ok? ;)

This is one of my 'holy molie, it is freezing cold!' outfits. I have on tights, leggings, fluffy socks, an undershirt, long sleeve tee, cardi and scarf. Yep. I totally believe in layering. And I do. not. believe in being cold. Geez. This is the South. Winters around here are usually in the 50s with the occasional snow and cold day. Like maybe two or three a year at most. And it always warms up and melts the snow within a day or two. It hasn't hit 50 degrees since Christmas. In fact it has mostly been below 40. The parking lots still have snow mountains! What. is. the. deal!!!

Anyone else experiencing colder than usual weather?

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  1. That boots are great! What an awesome thrifted find!

  2. Super cute! Love that scarf and the cardi! And yes our winter here in Utah had been much closer than usual the last few weeks. I'm talking a high of 20 with a few days below 0!!! So.freaking.cold. I'm ready for spring!


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