Friday, January 18, 2013

SAHM Style

the kiddo is hammering a decepticon (Transformer bad guy for those of you without boys)

cardi: cato(old), tank: charlotte russe(old), pants: walmart, flats: target(old)

multi-tasking - pose for pic with mommy while hammering bad guy

pretty art deco style earrings (and why is my left eyebrow suddenly invisible?!)

So, it's Friday, y'all. I have to admit that being a stay at mom with a mostly unemployed hubby makes Friday pretty much just like any other day around our house. Not really a big deal. I do however remember my working days when Friday was a really. big. deal. Back in the day when we would go on dates or to the movies. I think we have been to two movies this year (The Avengers and The Hobbit) although that is more because of money issues than because we have a kid. I will say this. We waited nine years before we had our little guy. And while life does indeed change drastically when you have little ones, the truth is we are fine with it. In fact we were so ready for it that we embraced it. So while I no longer wear heels and pencil skirts everyday and haven't had my nails done professionally in five years and don't actually get lunch hours or vacations or sick days (or get paid for that matter) I am thrilled to be a stay at home mom. I love spending time with my kiddo. He never fails to make me smile no matter how bad a day I am having. What does this have to do with style you may ask? Well, there will frequently be a crazy kiddo in my outfit photos. There will often be legos on the floor. And Transformers. And there will be days when I have no makeup on because I was too busy being a mom to bother with putting the stuff on. That's just life as a SAHM to a preschooler. And I am okay with that.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. My hubbie was out of work for most of 2010, then had to take a job which meant we only saw him at weekends. He now works back close to home but for poor pay (our choice). We are constantly broke, we have 3 kids & I'm a SAHM. But we are so happy to have him here even though we never go out, rarely buy new clothes etc. I understand how you feel, when it gets to me I just thank God we are all healthy! Martina...

  2. I love the burgundy tank and cardi! Your frames are really cute too:) and so is your kid!
    Oh, and around here were use to snow. Still cant stand it though! Maybe the open-toed shoes aren't helping...

  3. Cute outfit and love the nail polish


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