Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beauty buys of the week (or month)

Beauty buys of the week, or month, or whatever. Oddly enough, I don't buy beauty products all that often. Hmm. I think that probably says something about me, but I don't think I want to know what. Anyway. I am a nail polish junkie. Not that I actually purchase an obscene amount of nail polish, just that I prefer to always have my nails painted. All. The. Time. And.... I hate chips, smudges etc. The minute the stuff starts chipping - OFF it comes. Seriously. However, I really only have time about once a week to do my nails. This means that my mani usually only lasts through about half the week before it is driving me nuts. (Yes, I know you are supposed to do a top coat every other day, blah, blah, blah. I don't have time to wait for the stuff to dry 4 times a week.) I do have a point and someday I might arrive there. :) Anyway, I recently discovered a wonderful nail polish that stays put all week. WOW! It comes in a ton of cute colors and are you ready for this, it costs $2.80 a bottle. I am in love. I will hug it and squeeze it and kiss it and it shall be mine and I shall call it George. (don't ask). So, this miracle in a very cheap bottle can be found at Forever 21 and is the Love and Beauty brand. The shade in Sunday's post is called hot pink, but is really a pretty coral shade with gold glimmeries (not a word I know, but it totally should be).

My other recent beauty purchase is this gradual tanner, hair inhibiting lotion by Nivea. Great stuff. The tan is gradual, I don't have to shave as often (always a plus, whose idea was this shaving nonsense anyway), and it doesn't make me stink for a week. Now I can bare my legs without blinding the world, or looking like an orange zebra. Not a good look. Been there, done that. Seriously. NOT A GOOD LOOK. Anyway, the lotion is about $8 and lasts for a couple of months.

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