Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Weird pose, strange face, cute outfit

Lace top & long sleeve tee: Target, jeans: Charlotte Russe, belt: thrifted, shoes: Forever 21
cute butterfly belt: thrifted from Savers
Two belts! Craziness (and what's up with my hair??!!)

So, today's photog session (doesn't that sound professional?) didn't go amazingly well. The Munchkin, who was still in his jammies kept jumping in the pics right before the camera clicked. Yes, he's adorable, but the whole internet universe really doesn't need to see his Cars jammies up close and personal. I really do mean up close. And apparently I couldn't come up with any decent poses. Seriously not a model, here. At least the outfit is cute. One of my favorite style ideas is contrasting items, ideas, colors, etc. So here we have the lacy top with the distressed jeans and menswear oxfords (girlified with chiffon ribbon by yours truly). I wore a giant pearl ring and earings and called it a day.

One of the things I've noticed through looking at pics of my outfits on a regular basis is the need to belt my tunic tops. However as I've mentioned before, I am in the process of losing weight and my jeans literally don't stay up without a belt anymore. Trust me when I say I really am okay with this. :) But, it does make for some occasional styling difficulties. So, today I wore two belts. Is there a rule against that? It did feel a little weird, but it isn't like anyone knew but me. Still.... My want list now includes the Invisibelt. At least then it wouldn't be so obvious.


  1. What a lovely feminine outfit! I have done the secret two belts myself, hehe. Sometimes a girl just needs to reign in the waist on two fronts!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment. I considered a girdle too, but that seemed like too much! :)


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