Friday, March 18, 2011

Date Night! (and 90's style)

Today's outfit! Much better than yesterday. I tend toward minimal in my clothing, but I love accessories. Red shoes, gigantic earings, three bracelets, and a honking big watch amp up simple jeans and drapey tee (both from Wal-mart on clearance $7 and $3). I know that it would probably look better tucked in, but as I am currently on a weight-loss journey, my jeans don't fit without a belt. My belt options for these jeans are green and hot pink. So, we can clash or be March. I am constitutionally unable to clash. Can't do it. I grew up in the era where THE LOOK was a huge tee (like extra-large on my then-98lb self) tucked into equally huge tight-rolled jeans, worn with matching scrunchy socks (over the jeans, mind you), white keds and matching headband or scrunchie. Yikes! So, while I am totally on board with the whole going but not matching thing - you will note that I am not wearing a jewelry set (this is a big leap forward in my style evolution) - I still cannot manage clashing. As for being a christmas decoration, I don't even wear red and green together in December. For now, the shirt will remain untucked and my green belt hidden from view.

Now on to the good stuff. We actually went on a double date tonight with some friends. Even got a babysitter for the munchkin. In keeping with rarity of the occasion, I added a red jacket and black stilettos. The jacket because we went to the movies where the goal generally seems to be to turn all movie goers into popsicle-people. Maybe the entertainment part of the brain works better on ice. I don't know. Anyway. The black stilettos are self-explanatory, don't you think.

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