Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two for One Day

Ah, the joys of Sundays! Stylewise, I get to wear two different outfits on one day. Can't beat that. This morning's outfit was a truly gorgeous green chiffon maxi skirt with a grey tee and belt and hot pink stilettos. There is nothing like the swish of ankle length chiffon to make you feel like a princess. I stayed low key on the accessories since I felt that yards of green chiffon was statement enough for one petite person.

Then came nap time. Yes, Sunday afternoons are reserved for nap time in our family. One simply cannot nap in yards of green chiffon, so off it came. Daytime sleeping is the best possible luxury in my mind. And.... it's free! :)

Tonight's outfit was the same grey tee, with black skinny pants, a white boyfriend jacket, and zebra stripe flats. Add some punky chains and a huge black watch and I was happy. Sometimes an outfit just makes you smile. When it happens twice in one day, well you get sartorial bliss. At least, I do.

Tomorrow is grocery day. This means another outfit. And yes, batteries for the camera. This means you can see instead of just reading about my outfits. I am still debating the best way to manage outfit pics. The easiest would be to just record the clothes. I am not model. I try to attractively dress the body I have, but there is more of it than I am happy with. I am not sure I am brave enough to put my rolls and jiggles out there for the whole wide world to view. Hmmm. We'll see where this goes.

Have a great week, ya'll.

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