Monday, March 21, 2011

Coral colored Sunday

Cute kiddo, huh. The munchkin believes that every camera in the world exists to take his picture. Could be because there has been a camera aimed at him almost constantly since his birth. Go figure. Anyway, if you look past the adorable toddler, I think yesterday's outfit was pretty cute. Sorry, I'm a day late. Sunday's are pretty crazy around our house. So, outfit-wise: gap dress: on clearance for $9, yellow cardi & belt: so old I don't even remember, coral jewelry: the dollar jewelry store, peep-toe booties: payless. I loved them so much that I splurged and paid full price. Bad me. However, they go with everything. Seriously. So, I hope you like them because you will be seeing A LOT of them this spring and summer. 

Here is what I changed into for Sunday night. White tank & khakis: Wal-mart, bronze oxfords: Forever 21 (I changed out the boring shoelaces for chiffon ribbon from Wal-mart). I added a silver bracelet from my awesome mother-in-law and a turquoise one I made. Too much color?

I didn't actually plan my outfit to match my nails, it just happened that way.  Sometimes the universe just smiles and sartorial bliss happens.

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