Friday, July 20, 2012

A Teeny Town and A Basic Dress

Happy Friday, friends! Here is yet another maxi look. Just so easy for summer. ;) This time I knotted the skirt to allow for a little more ventilation. It made a huge difference, although I did get a few odd looks. I live in a teeny tiny town where high fashion is yellow box flip flops and a peace, love, hogs tee. Yeah. So wearing a maxi dress is odd and knotting a maxi dress is a way outside of the bounds of normal. It was totally worth it though. The addition of a few of my favorite accessories made the basic dress feel chic.

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And see below if you want a black maxi dress all of your own! ;) (Assuming you don't already have one! Does anybody in blogdom not have a black maxi dress?)

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