Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspiration Monday: Fail

The Inspiration: Marion Cotillard in an absolutely stunning dress and wedges.

Gorgeous, right?

So, I tried, really I did, but I don't have anything even approaching similar. So. I went with blue and black.

Yeah, disappointing, I know. Shorts and tee do not echo a gorgeous dress. But this is what I wore. Because, even if I owned anything that gorgeous, where the skittles would I wear it?

 This is what happens when the kiddo gets in on the fun. An almost headless and footless mommy. ;)

And here we have attempt numero uno at outfit pics. Humidity. Nice, huh?

Linking up today with Two Birds, Monday Mingle, YOLO, and Visible Monday!

And just so you don't leave completely dispirited by my boring style, here are a couple of stunning dresses that I wish I were wearing. And those wedges down there, I want those. Never mind that they cost more than my food budget for an entire month. I still want them. :)

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