Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaky Friday

Happy Friday, y'all! This is my super girly outfit. Lace and pink and flowers. You just don't get girlier than that, right. ;) I almost got rid of this lace tank because I couldn't find a cream tank to wear under it. Silly me. Why should I only wear cream under it? I love how the hot pink is just veiled by the pretty lace. And it is a pretty weightless way to layer and add interest to a pretty basic outfit in the heat. :)

This outfit is really and truly 'me'. I am a girly girl. Pink is my favorite color. It has always been my favorite color and after 33 years, I don't figure that it is going to change. As a fairly typical girly girl, I don't like spiders. Like really really really don't like spiders. They freak me out. Like heart pounding, adrenaline rush, sweaty palms freaked out. Not quite a phobia, but pretty darn close. Now this year I am having issues. Apparently our house is right smack in the middle of spider metropolis. No joke. They are everywhere. And we aren't talking about just the teeny tiny spiders; we are talking giant wolf spiders. Yikes!!! By giant I mean a body about the size of a quarter. Now it is my firm belief that God put husbands on this earth to kill spiders. And thankfully my beloved is willing to humor me. He rolls his eyes every time, but he does take care of the problem. However last week even he got freaked out.

We have been grilling just about every evening for supper, so he heads out to start up the grill with the dog and kiddo in tow. (My little Bug thinks that 'grillin' outside' is the coolest thing ever and plays in the sandbox while we cook!) After just a few seconds hubby is banging on the sliding glass door and telling me to get the dog and the kid inside now. I comply while looking for fire or other dangers. At which point hubby informs me that there is a black widow spider in the charcoal bag. Seriously?!? Yikes. (It was huge and ugly and scary and safely squished while still in the bag. Ick!) So. That was scary, but we got on with our evening and our dinner although we didn't spend any more time outside than absolutely necessary. We put the kiddo to bed and sit down to watch something. I look up at the blinds and there is a little brown spider happily making it's way down the blinds. I point it out to the hubs and he has to study it. (Such a man.) You're seriously not going to believe this, but it was a brown recluse. Yeah. The only two majorly dangerous spiders in the states and they are both in my freaking house/yard in the same day!!!!! Really. Oh, and brown recluses? They like bedding and piles of clothes. I haven't slept well or done laundry since.

I am recovering and we haven't spotted any more of either species. But still. Freaky, right? Are you scared of spiders?

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  1. Hi. Nice to meet you CC. I was captivated by your story. I am freaked. Pray for safety and protection for your home and yourselves. I live in the woods so I can totally relate. Dawn suitcase vignettes. Drop in again sometime.


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