Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coral and Mint - Again

This is what I wore for our back to school shopping day on Saturday. One of my fave dresses with some easy comfy sandals and a pretty necklace. ;)  Easy, comfy, cool.

You guys! Fifty followers! (This is me jumping up and down for joy!) Y'all are awesome and I love you and you made my day! ;) Now. I promised back a couple of weeks ago that I was planning a giveaway for when I reached 50 followers. So. That is indeed in the works. I am super excited about both that and something else related that I am working on. Indeed both today's outfit and yesterday's outfit have something in common. ;) Hint, hint. Guesses, anybody? So stick around and hopefully we'll be ready for the big reveal on Friday!

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  1. Cute dress! Pretty necklace! Congrats on hitting 50!


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