Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Glasses

Happy Thursday, friends.  For those of y'all who are new followers, the sunnies I wear in most of my posts are prescription sunnies. I am pretty much blind as bat without my glasses. And I have icky eye allergies which makes wearing contacts pretty much impossible. So, I thought I would do a little post on my glasses. Be sure and let me know what you think!

This is me about three years ago wearing a pair of glasses purchased at an eye doctor's office for around $200. I'm pretty sure they were purchased in 2005. Very much on trend at the time. I loved these glasses and they lasted for several years.

Up next were my first ever online glasses purchase from Zenni Optical. I was tired of the dark frames so I picked something a little lighter overall. They are pink. ;) I think I paid around $15 for them and was pretty pleased overall. However having a little boy who is exuberantly affectionate can be a little hazardous on glasses and the frames which are pretty delicate, broke. ;(

Up next, I ordered a pair for $5.95 (special price) from Best Price Glasses. They worked, but weren't my favorites looks-wise. Just a pretty basic pair of glasses. Also, they are too big for my face. ;)

Last fall I placed an order for four new pairs of glasses from Zenni. I needed a new pair as the ones above loosened so much that the frames wouldn't stay on my face. I also wanted a pair of the bigger trendier styles. I got a basic slim dark frame pair similar to the ones in the top pic. I've worn them just few times. I also ordered a light green pair similar to the pink ones above, but I don't have pics of those. :)

I also ordered my second pair of sunnies (any of their glasses can be made sunnies for an extra $4.95). You've seen a lot of them on the blog recently. ;) They are leopard print acrylic aviators and I love them.

And finally here is me in my current faves. I seriously love these glasses way more than I thought I would and pretty much wear them all the time even though I have two other pairs. My entire order was about $40.00 including shipping. Seriously. Forty bucks for four pairs of glasses.

And finally, when fall comes around again I will be ordering one of these pretty pairs! What do you think? Cat's eyes or Wayfarers? I would love to have your opinion!

classic wayfarer style
cat's eyes

Even if you prefer to get your glasses from other sources, Zenni is totally worth checking out for prescription sunnies on the cheap! 

A few quick notes: you will need your PD on your prescription so be sure to remind your eye doctor when you request your prescription. Also be sure of your measurements, once you get them, they're yours. No return policy based on fit.

What about you? Have you ever ordered glasses online? What was your experience like? Would you order glasses online?

Also, this post could be a pictorial of how I grow my hair out! ;) What do you think, bangs or no bangs?

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