Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At It Again - Print Mixing

sweater: old navy, shorts: thrifted, sandals: payless

"Mommy, Fix my Transformer!"

There is a Transformer in my hand! ;)

snake print sandals
Look at me. I am at it again. This print mixing thing can get addictive. ;) Actually my red sandals just happen to be python print and I am wearing a stripe sweater. It kind of happened by accident. ;) Isn't it fun to be trendy by accident? Of course, you could walk into McDonald's like I did yesterday and see a lady wearing multi colored striped shorts and a geometric print top (from the eighties - and not in a good way)  and remember that print mixing can be done wrong. So wrong, people. ;) I am pretty sure the idea is not to look like you got dressed in the dark. ;)

So, the little dude and I woke up sick this morning. Ick. I want to stay in bed and sleep all day when I am sick. Unfortunately my little darling who is normally a sweet, mostly well behaved, reasonably calm child turns into a mean, loud, hyper little terror. Yikes. So, we are in for a rough couple of days. Hopefully we will be feeling better soon and I can get all the stuff accomplished that I need to. ;)  (And why is it that the cold medicine that makes me comatose turns him into a bouncing off the walls crazy kid???)

Hope y'all are feeling lovely and well. Happy Wednesday. ;) If I get around to it, I'll be linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Transatlantic Blonde and Rae Gun Wear.

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