Monday, August 6, 2012

OOTD: Mommy and Me!

So, friends this isn't one of my fave outfits, but yesterday was one of those days that called for super appropriate, understated first impression making clothing. Classic, modest with just a tiny touch of me in my statement necklace. ;) We'll pray that the impression made was good and leave it at that for now.

On to other fun things. We did school shopping for the first time this weekend. Wow. I don't know where the time went, but my little dude will be starting pre-school in a few weeks. He was rather bummed because, although we found a Transformers backpack, there were no other Transformer school supplies to be found. You guys, my kiddo has a serious love affair with Transformers. He takes one with him every where he goes. He sleeps with one. He want to look at them every time we go to the store. He owns at least 20 of them. He insisted upon a Transformers birthday party. He LOVES the movies and tv shows. No joke, y'all he adores Transformers. ;) So, he was kind of bummed. However upon discovering these red shoes at Target, his spirits revived. (Yes, he is indeed my child! ;)) The first words out of his mouth this morning were, 'can I wear my new red shoes' ! So, clearly we had to do an outfit shot of him in his red shoes. ;) He also found it necessary to jump into one of the pics at the last minute. I promise I am not choking him! It just looks that way. :)

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. I was super busy. Hopefully I'll be able to reveal the results of all that busy-ness soon!

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  1. Love the turquoise Necklace! The look is timeless and looks great in you! The little fella is pretty handsome too!


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