Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiration Monday on Friday (oops!)

So, clearly I am just a little behind this week! ;) This was the inspiration photo for Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds and while it is obviously not Monday, it was what inspired this outfit! ;)

Wow, so clearly these pants (which are a very pale lime green) do not look great on me. Yikes. They are either going to have to be cut off in to shorts or slimmed into skinnies. (Be sure and let me know which you think would be cutest in the comments!) Wide leg capris just don't work on curvy petite bodies! I promise I am not nearly as huge as I look in these pics. I did however love the color combination of the tomato red with the pale lime and the awesome green accessories (Thanks again, Bethie!). And I love the feel of this wide, cropped tee from Cato, but I am thinking next time I will do it with a high waisted pencil skirt or skinny jeans. What do you think?

On another completely awesome and exciting note - welcome to my new followers! You guys rock my world and I am so excited to have you along for the ride. ;) For those of y'all who have been here for a while, you too are totally awesome. You also may remember that I have been promising a giveaway once I reach 50 followers and I am only two away. So, I am working on something fun and exciting for next week! I hope you'll stick around to find out what!

Linking up today with all my Friday Faves (as as one from Monday!): Two Birds, Friday Fancies, All Things Chic, Blonde Episodes and Casual Friday!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! We will be shopping for school supplies for my little dude who will be starting pre-school in the fall (Holy What! When did that happen?).

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