Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weight Watching Wednesday

tank: gifted, skirt: thrifted, bag: target, sandals: icing

teal necklace by me

teal sandals and pale blue toenails

Welcome to my first weekly feature! If you've followed for a while, you know that back in the early spring I lost about 20 pounds. Well over the course of the summer I gained back 5 of those pounds. So, I am getting back on my diet and decided to use the blog help keep me accountable. So, I will be posting my weekly goals and hopefully how I've met them (or failed to meet them).

So, this week's goals: 1300 calories per day (I am crazy and insane and apparently planning on starving to death) and five workouts (I have a serious love/hate but mostly hate relationship with Jillian Michaels) 

I am not setting a scale goal for this week because I really want to see what is possible if I meet the above two goals. So my starting weight is 150. I can't believe I just put that out there on the internet for the whole wide world to see. So, for the sake of my sanity please just ignore that truly hideous and frightening number and pretend it isn't really there, 'kay? Thanks.

Now, about the clothes. Here is my closet orphan.  This striped top (remix number two) will be leaving my closet unless I love the three remixes for the 21DC. So, striped top, denim mini and teal accessories. I don't know about love, but I liked it well enough and it was comfy and cool. So. You tell me. Should I keep the top or donate it?

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  1. hmmm...It's hard to say because i like how it looks here and i like the length. but...with losing weight this tank might hide your shape. so....I say "ditch it". The red sequin tank can take its place, it's "hot!" :)
    p.s. necklace and ring are aaawwwesome!!


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