Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a Belt, It's a Bracelet, No! It's Both!

tee: charlotte russe, jeans: old navy, bag: ???, heels: payless

leopard bag and belt/bracelet

skinny leopard belt turned into a bracelet

tan heels with pretty blue toenails

Here's my mix it up, be all creative like post. It is a couple of days late because I had to seriously think about how to get creative. Despite my love of participating in things like the 21DC, I really don't like wearing the same things as anyone else. And while I will happily take inspiration where I find it, I almost always change things up at least a bit. So this getting creative thing, was a bit baffling. Until I figured out that I could wrap this super skinny belt around my wrist and create a bracelet. (I'm sure this has been done before somewhere, but I haven't seen it.) I actually got compliments on my bracelet and looks of amazement when I mentioned that it was actually a belt. :) So. That works.

Happy Monday, friends!

1 comment:

  1. love how innovative you were with the belt! i always take long necklaces and wrap them around my wrist a few times and make them bracelets haha

    lindsay @


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