Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Gratitude and Layered Loveliness

dress: rue 21, shoes: charlotte russe, bag: ???

accessories overload!

layered pearls and chains

fabulous pink platfoms (and an extra little foot!)

Happy Sunday, lovely ladies! Hope you've all had a marvelous weekend relaxing and having fun. :) We've been fairly calm and easy this weekend. It was nice, we slept in enjoyed some time with good friends and watched a couple of movies.

I loved today's outfit. :) I've had this dress for at least four or five years - it fits perfectly and is super comfy and of course chocolate looks fab with pink. I bought these shoes about three years ago and this is the first time I've worn them. You see, when I bought them, I didn't try them on completely because we were in a hurry and they were $4. Then the first time I tried to wear them, I couldn't fasten the ankle straps! Eeek. I can now wear them, although they are perhaps a little more snug than I would like.

So this week I am grateful for just one thing ~ Electricity! Midway through Sunday school this morning it went out. Yikes! We started service without it, thankfully there are plenty of windows, so we had light. But, my friends a building full of people with no a/c gets stuffy rather quickly. Thankfully the electricity came back on within about ten minutes of starting the service. So, I am immensely grateful for electricity and the people whose job it is to fix blown transformers and the fact that they can do their job so quickly on Sunday morning. :)  (Oh, and chocolate, specifically dark chocolate peanut m&ms, I am also very thankful for those!)

Have a lovely week, my dears!


  1. cute how your shoes and belt bow match~

  2. oooh pearls! I love the elegant touch that the pearl necklace gives to your outfit, this is a perfect Sunday best =)


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